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7/25/11 09:23 pm - Time for Some Strawberries !

Time for some Strawberries ! by Anoop Negi (Anoop_Negi) on 500px.com
Time for some Strawberries ! by Anoop Negi

Strawberry - A bunch of them

Testing an old battered macro lens that I have. It is the slowest lens I have used and it takes ages to focus. The widest it opens is to 5.6 and in today's world it is like a dead duck. You can shoot nothing with it.

The lens comes into fore if there is more then adequate lighting , like in the case here. I really do not remember if this setup utilised a single flash or a dual one. The exposure was upped 2/3 EV and the camera mounted on a tripod.

The color red has been toned down in processing. Maybe I need to do some food photography for a while. This is a time pass shot for checking out the lens

Taken on December 28, 2010 at 7.04pm IST

Exif data
Camera Nikon D300
Exposure 0.004 sec (1/250)
Aperture f/14.0
Focal Length 185 mm
ISO Speed 200
Exposure Bias +2/3 EV
Flash On, Return detected

_DSC8586 from jpeg sel cy br le red down

4/6/11 02:14 pm - Pune Drum beaters in Pink in a state of haze on the day God Ganesha is immersed in the waters

Pune Drum beaters in Pink in a state of haze on the day God Ganesha is immersed in the waters

For Mahrashtra, a large state in India, this is perhaps the biggest festival that is celebrated by the resident local population. You have seen drum beaters arrayed in white and in yellow but to see them in shocking strawberry pink is a visual delight specially if they are doing their drum beating and swaying in low light where perforce the camera can not record the event in sharp clarity and frozen focus.

This is a slow shutter capture to showcase the pink drum beaters who were the vanguard for the deity of the God Ganesha being taken out for immersion in the nearby lake/river.

Perchance you would like to see it in large size.. you can see it here View On Black View On Black

Camera Nikon D300
Exposure 6 seconds
Aperture f/3.8
Focal Length 25 mm
ISO Speed 400
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash No Flash
_DSC3463 from jpeg V 20 sh PS

4/4/11 12:03 pm - Masters Servants and the Viewer at Hasselblad

I was trying to locate some photography magazines for the purposes of making a listing of various such publications available to photographers. This was an academic exercise to have a data base and to see what the world was up to.
Victor is a magazine that is brought out by Hasselblad which makes expensive high end cameras. I have never seen it earlier nor have I used a Hasselblad camera either. The lead editorial page referred to the Masters of Hasselblad concept and asked the readers to go online and nominate the finalist photographers for their selection as a Master. It sounded interesting and educative to see some quality work by quality photographers. That is how I reached the site


to see what was on offer.

“”” The Hasselblad Masters Award is the most prestigious awards in the industry, celebrating the best in both established and rising photographic talent. Masters Awards are given in recognition of a photographer‚ whose contribution to the art of photography and are judged on overall photographic ability, encompassing creativity, composition, conceptual strength, and technical skill. Past Masters include both renowned artists of international standing as well as promising newcomers in a wide range of fields and disciplines. “”

The selection schema comprises of the usual categories –

Wedding Social


Fashion Beauty


Fine Art


Landscapes Nature



Up and coming


With 10 names in each category it works out to almost 50 images per category and overall about 550 images in all. Enough I guess to find some great images.

At random I picked up the Portrait section and the top nomination as on date was for Antonio Alay. He had on display 5 photographs – 4 male subjects and one female. I went through each one of them.

You can see these five images above and the url for each one of them is here.


What do you think of these portraits?

My personal take was that they were rather stilted and contrived and each of the photographs had the lighting so artificial that it was an irritant to fine aesthetics. The images were undoubtedly processed to such an extent that only the subject was lit up and magically the image had minimal background in red and greys. The only portrait that interested me was of a gentleman with a hat smoking a cigarette that had a bit of actual environment in the frame. That was a good one. All photos /portraits were obviously shot with extra lights.

I ventured a bit more in the hope that I would find something of more interest in the portraits category and I chanced upon an Indian sounding name Baljit singh Deo.


The images were as is the wont from the Indian subcontinent showcasing misery in three frames and a monk in the other two. The photographs again did not appear realistic. The lighting again contrived in processing or otherwise lit up only the subject and magically the background receded into a faint presence even where the frames are outdoor ones. Is there no merit in doing actual genuine photography of a real life subject in a real life environment. I wonder.

By this time the overall image of the whole Hasselblad experiment and their quality of submissions had started to throw up a negative cast. I thought it would be imprudent to judge the whole event based on one category alone. So I picked at random another category named "Fashion Beauty" and leading the honors here was Cyril Lagel

With two landscape oriented faces of a female model with an arm gesture in one and nothing more and in the other a bunch of good auburn hair. The other three portrait oriented displays were of a distorted face and lips in no aesthetic splendor. Mind you the category here is beauty/fashion. Maybe this was to showcase how ugly the whole industry is ;-))

I checked up the photos of all the 10 finalists in this category and bar the work of Jaime O’Ryan and Michael Creagh, the rest of the photos were not very creative or aesthetic or relevant or had anything to convey to me.

It is almost a superhuman effort to trawl for more photos to write upon but I will make effort once more to see and conclude this . I chose the Landscape / nature category in the fond hope of seeing something that would soothe the eye and the starved mind.

So it was that I turned to the Landscape/Nature section. Heading the list was Lars vs de Goor with some mesmerizing autumnal takes of trees and pathways that were a treat to see. So I thought there is hope. At least you have one category or one photographer whose work appears aesthetic and brilliantly executed. Here are the links to the photos


So on this note of a brief flickr of beauty and good execution of difficult landscapes, I close this entry. One hopes to see fantastic work at an international level but I guess it does not appear that photography at Hasselblad is going anywhere great. Maybe it is a reflection of the whole genre of photography. What ever it is... it is a tad sad.

( All photos appearing here in this article are hyperlinked images from the hasselblad site and are hosted and stored on their servers. I have only linked them here. )

2/26/11 09:30 pm - 16 Faces of India

Faces in India some painted, some masked and some with no sheen of makeup.

Many faces, many moods, many takes !

Theyyam at Kerala - The Gods Ask the Question ?

Theyyam at Kannur 2

Theyyam Kerala India

Portrait of Keremane Shivanand Hegde Getting Ready for Yakshagana alt. How To Wear Your Moustache the Right Way

Color Me Red ! ~ Free Burma

Portrait of an Unknown Hindu Goddess

Portrait of a Camel Buyer at Pushkar !

Sometimes it is Not Easy ~

Sushmita Chatterjee, Goa, India

All Dressed and Ready ..... and Dancing !!

Red Oracles in Trance !

How is that for Life !

A Close Shave and a Hair Cut in Bombay while Life moves in a Blur !

Onam in Kerala, Green Faces in Thought

Garuda the Vehicle of Vishnu, The Iconography of the Hindu Religion

Seeking - A Divine Light

page contents

12/1/10 10:37 pm - Incredible INdia - as seen and photographed by me -

12/1/10 10:35 pm - Incredible INdia - Agallery curated by Yahoo India Editorial

Incredible India
A gallery curated by Yahoo! India Editorial | 18 photos | 73,124 views | 78 comments

India, a place of infinite variety, is fascinating with its complex culture, dazzling contrasts and breathtaking physical beauty.
Taj Mahal by Christopher Chan

Theyyam at Onam Attahchamyam in Kerala !

The Battle of Badami - The Blues Yield reluctantly to the advancing grays and whites



8/28/10 08:22 am - Bonderam at Diwar in Goa

Bonderam at Diwar Island in Goa is a mini carnaval infused with a whole lot of historical tradition.

Here is a capsule of some photographs(published) to showcase the event that is going to be held on 28 August 2010.

A Goan beauty bedecked in the most precious jewels of existence - A beaming smile !!

A closer peek into the complex(ion) life of a Goan Girl

The same beauty in overcast skies.

Miss Goa 2009 ! Portrait of a colorful girl at Bonderam in August 2009.

A delightful little Goan princess apparently lost in the clatter around her

Lost in Goa !

The mighty moving apparition in flamboyant visage

Bonderam Goa !

Two Girls smile with full power

In Goa at Bonderam, Two Girls smile and wait for their turn to dance !

Aveena sits on a scooter waiting.

Portrait of A Goan Girl and Her Honda !!

A shy girl lost in the crowd

Goa Photography ! Color or Black and White ?

A participant showcases his bottle of feni and his high stepping routine

Feni Dancing at Bonderam in Goa !



Anoop Negi's items Go to Anoop Negi's photostream

6/30/10 03:19 pm - The Kovalam beach in Kerala, Photography on a Monsoon Day in June

The Kovalam beach in Kerala, Photography on a Monsoon Day in June
Originally uploaded by Anoop Negi
A series of photographs to showcase the drama of the monsoons in India.

This is on a monsoon day in June in Kerala exactly 3 years ago

The landmark light house is in the background.

6/25/10 11:35 am - The Girl with Good Protection ! Carnaval Carnival Goa 2010

The Girl with Good Protection ! Carnaval Carnival Goa 2010
Originally uploaded by Anoop Negi
Too much of grey pallid drama in the monsoon needs an occasional bout of cheerful colors and players. Here is one with pink protection in her hands.

Shot at the Carnival in Goa held in February 2010 at Margao. That reminds me I have a heavy load of such carnaval shots waiting to be uploaded.

And on another count... Condoms have come of age in this Roman Catholic dominated state of Goa. There was a time when using such protection was almost sinful

Camera: Nikon D300
Exposure: 1/2500 sec
Aperture: f/2.0
Focal Length: 50 mm
ISO Speed: 200
Exposure Bias: 0 EV
Flash: No Flash
_DSC0087 nef2exp sm blur cu desat non sharp non tfm

4/4/10 09:28 am - Goa Carnival carnaval - Portrait of a Mighty Big Genie just about fitting in the frame !

At the carnival in Goa, a mighty big genie released from the small lamp/pot towers over the little princess.

Goa Carnival carnaval - Portrait of a Mighty Big Genie just about fitting in the frame !, originally uploaded by Me (?).
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